iPhone 5S Motherboard Leaks, Shows Off A7 Processor

Apple's next-gen smartphone, the iPhone 5S, has been the grapevine's favorite for awhile now, with rumors surrounding the alleged smartphone popping up frequently. Now according to reports, an image believed to show the motherboard of the iPhone 5S has leaked online and pictures the A7 processor.

As per a DroidGator report, a person who claims to be working for Apple has sent a photograph to the website of what is allegedly the motherboard of the iPhone 5S.

"Apple is said to prepare a processor that seems to be made by themselves, dubbed A7. This CPU will feature on the upcoming iPhone 5S that is anticipated by many fans of the American manufacturer. We have recently been contacted by one of our readers who is claim that he's working for Apple. This source have provided us a photo of the motherboard that will belong to this particular smartphone and some 'inside' information," reports DroidGator.

While the authenticity of the image is anybody's guess, the design resembles the older iPhone's motherboard. The website reveals that its tipster has let on that Siri too will get some improvements.

"From what our friend over at Apple said, Siri is said to go through crucial improvements, meaning that it will bring new features to the table. The first possible improvement could be the number of supported languages. The second one may mean improved speed and better language recognition," notes the report.

The report also discloses that the iPhone 5S will feature the A7 processor (quad-core 1.2GHz) and 2GB of RAM. DroidGator also checked up on the source's IP and it was traced to Cupertino, Calif., aka Apple's backyard.

If this image is indeed authentic, then Apple fans can look forward to a speedier iPhone.

Update: Per a PhoneArena report,  the image is not the real deal but that of the iPhone 5 photoshopped.

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