Resident Evil 7: (SPOILER ALERT) All Possible Endings And Secret Guides

Capcom already released it's new installment for their Resident Evil series, although a bit different from the previous "Resident Evil" games that they had released before due to its first person gameplay, many are still excited to try the game.

Like most "Resident Evil" games, "Resident Evil VII: Biohazard" also has tons of secrets and puzzles along with its multiple ending like it's Demo Version, this guide will let you know what are things that will happen after choosing who to save between the two. though somewhat like just any other horror games RE7's ending is connected to the entire Resident Evil universe.

(Reminder: there are a lot of spoilers ahead so continue on your risk)

First of all, there are two possible endings: If you choose to save Mia that will be the good ending and if you choose Zoe then that's the bad ending.

Choosing Mia:

If you chose to inject the serum on Mia you will certainly get the good and happy ending of the story. After injecting the serum both of you will ride a boat Ethan asks Mia if she has something to do with the events that happened with the Baker Family but Mia answering that she doesn't remember anything, at the very end Mia will be alive and well then will be shuttled back to safety by a helicopter.

Choosing Zoe:

Well, this is the bad ending after injecting the serum on Zoe, Mia will die a few moments later, killed by Eveline who is the personification of the E-series Bioweapon. After few hours Ethan will be forced to kill a crazed Mia beating her with a crowbar then stabbing it through her chest. (Why would you even choose Zoe rather than your very own wife?) 

Mia's Secret:

What Mia's hiding from Ethan is that she is the caretaker of the E-series Bioweapon, Something bad happened when Evie got loose and wrecked havoc on a tanker near the Baker's house. With Baker family finding her, she infects them with the E-series virus then manipulates to kidnap people then turn them into monsters. Three years passed Ethan came looking for Mia then stumbled upon Baker family's house.

At the very end of the game the old granny will be revealed as Evie, I'm sure you will be asking how she got older for that short span of time, you will find the answer on the credits where in instructions on how to handle the E-virus will be shown, without the injection the host will age 25x faster.

Umbrella's Connection:

Of course, Umbrella was the mastermind behind the chaos since the very beginning though being dismantled during CODE VERONICA  the helicopters that rescued Ethan has the new Umbrella Corporation logo.

The only question that has been left out was if the "Redfield" that helped Ethan was the Chris Redfield that all the fans know?

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