Nokia's MIKA Is The Very First AI Assistant For Telecom Operators

We can't deny that artificial intelligence assistants have come flooding in the market lately. You have Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple's Siri, and Microsoft Cortana. Finnish tech company Nokia is also getting in on the AI Assistant bandwagon. Its name is Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant or simply MIKA.

The announcement for Nokia's new AI voice assistant comes a month before Nokia's expected appearance at the Mobile World Congress. The Nokia 6 and Nokia P1 are also anticipated to be showcased. Unlike the other AI assistants that are groomed for the general public, MIKA is reserved specifically for the telecom industry. MIKA is the very first of her kind that is designed to improve telecom operator efficiency and give automated assistance to engineers.

"MIKA taps into the power of the Nokia AVA platform to provide quick and accurate answers, avoiding time wasted on fruitless searches," Igor Leprince, Head of Global Services at Nokia, said. "It is customised to support the specific needs of telecoms, and can deliver recommendations based on experience from networks around the world."

Operators can interact with it through voice communication powered by Nokia's AVA cognitive service. MIKA can also give suggestions for problems through data sources. According to Nokia's description, MIKA's automated learning plus augmented intelligence can access a wide range of tools, documents and data sources. MIKA can use the Nokia AVA knowledge library to provide recommendations based on similar issues seen in other networks. MIKA will also be ready through a web interface and mobile agent so that engineers can readily access into its knowledge base.

Essentially, MIKA can help provide engineers with quick solutions to their telecom-related issues. It is unknown whether the Nokia AI assistant MIKA will be available for the general consumers. For now, we simply have to wait for Nokia's next update for MWC 2017.

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