‘Destiny' Gets Another Patch With PvP Balance Update And More In February 2017

‘Destiny' Gets Another Patch With PvP Balance Update And More In February 2017
Bungie has just confirmed that they will be rolling out the next patch, HotFix for "Destiny" next month wherein it includes a lot updates that improve gameplay and fix bugs. Photo : destinygame/YouTube

Bungie has finally announced and confirmed that the first player shooter video game, “Destiny” is finally getting the update that they have always wanted to roll out. They have recently posted their latest announcement revealing that the latest patch called HotFix is good to go. The said update is said to be available soon.

Bungie has been rooting for the latest HotFix update for “Destiny” to roll out and finally they celebrate with the announcement that the said patch has been approved. Bungie keeps players of the said online multiplayer video game in touch with updates by making weekly posts regarding what is new and possible developments for the game. Their latest weekly post at their official blog site has unveiled the HotFix patch update.

The patch is special because Bungie has been pushing for this update for some time to make significant improvements to the “Destiny” video game. Though Bungie has always been tight-lipped when it comes to the updates they develop for “Destiny”, there are some hunches that the latest patch update will greatly affect the player versus player gameplay with a leveling out of abilities and weapons. But to keep players in the light, they have also announced some pretty vague and general details on what players can expect from the up and coming new patch update.

Bungie has subtly announced that “Destiny” will be promoting alternative and counters to Shotgun weapons, which will be much appreciated since this weapons deals heavy damage and parrying it would do well especially in versus modes. Along with the update with Shotguns, they also announced that the patch will be aligning potency of the Primary Weapons with surgical changes. Though that upgrade to Primary Weapons sounds really great, the developers have yet to give specific details about this.

Third thing that the said patch will be rolling out is to apply supporting adjustments to Special Ammunition. Bungie then they capped off the said announcement that the HotFix will also include various remedies to fix some issues with a sampler platter of Exotics items, weapons, and others while the said update will also file down a couple of issues from each of the in-game class that “Destiny” offers. Avid fans are incredibly looking forward to an update that is not an expansion but an update that focuses on improving the said online video game’s gameplay.

To make things better, Bungie has further announced that prior to the launch of the HotFix patch, they will be releasing it on a public test server to hold a live fire exercise, as the developers call it. The said test will be making sure that the latest patch update does not have glitches or bugs in it before they officially put in out for the official video game. Hoping that there will not be any changes or obstacles in the process of finalizing the HotFix patch, Bungie has slated to release the said patch sometime in February this year, most likely between the second and third weeks.

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