Mortal Kombat X Isn't Part Of This Year's EVO Lineup

It's no secret that Mortal Kombat X is among the most popular fighting games of recent memory. Almost in every competition out there, this title never fails to be part of it. Unfortunately, a big reveal will definitely disappoint most fans in the community. That's because the lineup for this year's EVO won't include NetherRealm's tentpole installment.

In a report from Red Bull eSports Live Stream, it was found out that Mortal Kombat X won't be taking a seat in the aforementioned event. Founder Joey "MrWizard" Cuellar and Mike Ross (a titular player-turned-caster) revealed the full details recently. Among the titles returning include the likes of Street Fighter V, which is deemed as the year's starring game.

It's worth noting that lots of fans have been expecting for Mortal Kombat X to appear in the highly celebrated Evolution Championship Series of 2017. After all, it's one of the most exciting fighting games in the industry. Sadly, it's the other way around. The other title on the list is the Super Smash Bros. The latter is considered as a seasoned title as it's been featured twice (last two installments of EVO).

Taking the place of Mortal Kombat X is no other than Injustice 2, which is among the highly anticipated titles of this year. There's no doubt that fans all over the world are somewhat unpleased with the revelation. This only proves that the studio, in one way or another, is not giving too much significance to the growth of the game within its fandom. Remember, the video game company -- in terms of its relation to the aforesaid title -- isn't quite generous in providing post-release support.

Lots of Mortal Kombat X enthusiasts suggest that this may mean a slow death to the title. Or perhaps a small step to reaching such infamous milestone later on. It remains unknown as to why NetherRealm opted to remove the said title from EVO. After all, no previous announcements were made.

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