Boston Marathon Tragedy, Prayers Drown Out Scammers On Twitter

The Boston Police Department reported two deaths and over two dozen injuries at the Boston Marathon Monday. Towards the finish line of the race, a series of bombs exploded.

Eyewitnesses on the scene of the Boston Marathon said that the explosions happened within 15 seconds of each other, and a third explosion was heard right before 4 p.m., approximately one hour after the first two bombs went off.

Upon hearing about the explosions at the Boston Marathon, people took to Twitter to express their emotions through posts. Among the top tweets was one from NBA star LeBron James.

"Prayers goes out to those involved/hurt in #BostonMarathon. WTF is wrong with people man. Just sad," James tweeted.

Female Hip-Hop recording artist Lil Kim also expressed her sorrow about the Boston Marathon in a tweet.

"I just heard about the bombs at the Boston Marathon. What a horrific event. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected. #prayforboston," tweeted Lil Kim.

Wireless provider Boost Mobile also expressed its sympathies.

"Our thoughts are with all those at the Boston marathon today, their families, and the city of Boston. #prayersforboston", Boost Mobile's official Twitter account read.

Although Twitter as a platform used by many to share and express their feelings, malicious people use the social networking site as a tool to scam victims.

At least one account was suspended on the social media site Twitter, when it was found to be spamming other users and collecting "donations" for victims of the explosion.

The fake account, @_BostonMarathon attempted to trick people into thinking it was the real Boston Marathon account by making a minor change to the actual account's Twitter handle @BostonMarathon. Users should be especially cautious when any online entities are requesting funds for a charitable cause. Whenever a tragic event happens, cyber criminals emerge to take advantage of the situation.

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