Pokémon Sun and Moon: Glitch Pokémon Can Breed

A fan has made a small research about glitch Pokémon particularly in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal and found a peculiar bug with "?????." Will this affect the current generation? 

Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal

A fan from Reddit has shown interesting results with his research on glitch Pokémon from GSC. According to the player, he first noticed that "?????" or Five Questions Marks have the egg groups Water 3 and Water 1. And so he tried to breed it with a Water 1 Pokémon, Totodile. Albeit reluctant at first, a couple of minutes into his "test," the player managed to actually breed Totodile to a 254 IV 7 "?????."

The internal data revealed that the egg takes 80 egg cycles to hatch, that's quite similar to most legendary trio members - almost double the number of regular eggs. Without hesitation, he hatched the egg and the result was astounding: a new glitch Pokémon under No. 254. Here's the full image and stats of the new glitch Pokémon.

The resulting glitch Pokémon has no weakness or resistances. It also doesn't have any other moves, yet it can still actually fight. It uses Struggle by default. Moreover, the Pokémon surprisingly needs a large amount of EXP in order to level up. It's still unknown how this glitch Pokémon progresses in the game. According to the player, he also found another variant of the glitch Pokémon with a base IV spread of 147/139//132//80/150/80 for a total of 728 - 8 higher than Arceus, one of the strongest legendary Pokémon.

Implications to Pokémon Sun and Moon

With the introduction of glitching or "tricking" the Pokébank to bring glitch Pokémon into the game, it'll be interesting to see if these glitch Pokémon can actually be transferred. Players are starting to see how some glitch Pokémon particularly Mew can be added into the game. For those that didn't know, one can even manipulate the nature and shiny status of any Pokémon that will be transferred from previous Generations. Click here to see how.

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