Released Declassified CIA documents reveals 6 UFO Sightings In India, Bhutan And Nepal

A Central Investigation Agency (CIA) report revealed 6 UFO sightings over the skies of India, Bhutan and Nepal. The report was part of the 930,000 declassified documents recently shared online by the agency. Details of the sightings were then disclosed to the public and UFO hunters are then speculating that alien domination might soon happen as the appearance of more mysterious aircraft is being reported.

The U.S. Airforce and the CIA appear to have seriously taken past UFO sightings as they have reportedly formed teams to look into the incidents. It can even be remembered that the CIA declassified 930,000 documents or totaling to 12 million pages, and were released on Jan. 17. Following this, it was seen that there were six notable UFO sightings over the skies of South Ladakh and North Sikkim in India, Bhutan and Nepal. Reports of these sightings were said to be compiled in April 1968, according to Hindustan Times.

UFO Sighting in North Sikkim

The report claims that a bright and fast-moving, mysterious aircraft was spotted over north Sikkim and Bhutan on Feb. 19, 1968, at 9 in the evening. The object reportedly hovered over the areas of Lachung, Lachen, Muguthang, Thangu and Cholamu in Sikkim. It was also revealed that the light from the object was bright enough to light the said areas that night. As per report, there was a thundering sound after the alleged UFO was spotted in Cholamu.

UFO Sighting in Ladakh

Meanwhile, another UFO was claimed to have been seen flying over Chang La, Koyul and Fukche in Ladakh on March 4, 1968, at one in the afternoon. Witnesses claim to have seen and heard a white light and simultaneously two blasting sounds, respectively. There was also a reddish light-tailed by a white smoke. The alleged UFO was said to have been flying from east to west over the said locations.

Two more sightings of the same nature were spotted on the same day and another on March 25. However, the UFO sighting on the latter was reportedly moving towards Demchok. The CIA report also said that the rocket-like object during the March 25 incident had a white-yellow-white trail and was approximately 20 yards long and was flying at a height of 20-25,000 feet.

UFO Sighting in Bhutan

According to the International Business Times, Bhutan recorded its UFO incident on Feb. 21, 1968 at 9:30 in the evening. A bluish-colored object was said to have been spotted over the capital Thimpu, and reportedly moved speedily and silently. It was also said that the alleged UFO emitted light that was able to brighten up the area.

Following these sightings, it was not revealed though how the CIA looks at the incidents and how the agency responded accordingly. A science studying team, Scientific Advisory Panel, was reportedly formed by the CIA which collaborated with the Air Technical Intelligence Centre to study the evidence of the reported UFO sightings. It was also reported that the teams assessed the potential dangers to UFO sightings to the national security and came up with the conclusion that the incidents do not constitute direct physical threats. However, the CIA continued to track on UFO sightings which others believe still exists today.

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