Luca Todesco Resigns From Jailbreaking; Pangu Only Hopes For iOS 10.2 Tool

Apple has just publicly begun to roll its latest iOS 10.2 update, which brings some new features to the company's devices. But for those that prefer their smartphones to be jailbroken, the update posses a problem. Famed hacker Luca Todesco has been rolling out his own jailbreaking tools, but iOS 10.2 might just be the last one.

As Forbes notes, Todesco's Yalu jailbreak has been split the public because it has been relatively limited. His iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak tool only worked on Apple's newest models and his recent iOS 10.2 tool is not compatible with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Moreover, it is still in its beta stage, which makes it unstable to download and use.

Todesco also went on his Twitter to announce that following his iOS 10.2 release, he will step away from the jailbreaking stage. The timing of his announcement was a little indefinite so it is unclear whether or not the public will see his return eventually. This means that the jailbreaking public might have to settle their sights on hacking group Pangu once again.

Pangu has not released a jailbreaking device since iOS 9, but it has been a constant rumor in the market that the group does have one up its sleeve. The reason for the delay has often times revolved around timing, mostly that the group is waiting for Apple to breath between each update. This was logical as a new jailbreaking tool would have to follow each release.

This is again being reported for iOS 10.2 by Tech Times. The publication claims that Pangu has a tool in their hands, but has again delayed its release. Reportedly, the group has shown a demo of the same and is now working on making the same stable enough for the public. If this is the case, the public might see the release of a tool within the next few days.

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