The Nintendo Switch Will Not Have Any Video Apps On Launch Day

A lot of people are excited for the release of Nintendo's next console, the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is considered to be a step-up from its predecessor, the Wii U, but it looks like the console will be lacking a feature that the Wii U already had - and that's support for video apps.

No Netflix, Youtube Or HBO Go For The Switch

According to Game Fragger, the Nintendo Switch will not be coming with any apps that could support video services like Youtube or Netflix. The reason for doing so was because the developers had decided to focus on making the Switch a platform for gaming. Anyone who wants to watch videos on their Switch shouldn't fret, however, as a representative from Nintendo had said, "[The Nintendo Switch] will not support any video-streaming services at launch. However, support for video-streaming services is being considered for a future update."

It could be possible that this could lead to some people cancelling their pre-orders in lieu of waiting for an updated release that could have the video app support intact, but it could only be a problem for the western audiences. Gamers from countries like Japan are still pretty excited for the release of the Switch, and reservations for the Switch had reportedly sold out by late January.

Expensive Accessories

A lot of reports have also been going out on the Nintendo Switch and how expensive accessories for the device seem to cost. Forbes reported that SD cards that were made for the Switch came up online with a price that was more expensive than usual micro SDs. Complaints about price have shown up numerously online that Nintendo had even decided to give some accessories a mark-down already. Hopefully the company will find a balanced price range that consumers will eventually be happy with once the Switch launches.

The Nintendo Switch is set for a release on March 3.

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