Unique Android Smartphones That You Can Buy This Year

There are countless smartphones available in the market. Some are well-made, some just utterly useless, some are totally generic, while some are high-end that offers nothing but the best specs and features currently available in our technology today.

However, there are some smartphones out there that are really unique because of their innovative features. A

Asus Zenfone AR

This smartphone is reported to cost around $1333.31. What makes this smartphone unique is that it is the first smartphone that is both AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) ready.

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

This device costs around $422. It is the first commercially available smartphone to feature Google's Tango technology, making it AR ready.

ZTE Hawkeye

This smartphone is said to costs around $200 and was just introduced earlier this month on the 2017 CES. What makes this device rare is because of its two features. First is that you can stick it on a wall. Now, you must be wondering why someone would want to have that kind of feature unless you're spiderman.

Well, the reason is simply because of its other feature. The second feature lets the user scroll up and down a text file with only the use of their eyes. However, reports just kicked in and suggesting that this device could be shelved and replaced by a better and pricier version.

Lumigon T3

The rumored price of this smartphone is around $740. What makes this device unique is because of its second 4 MP rear camera that is packed with night vision feature. For some, this is really helpful or fun to play with during the night or in areas with less light.

Yotaphone 2

This is an old flagship smartphone and you've probably heard about this device 2 years ago. Right now, it is priced at around $130.

The feature that makes this smartphone unique is because of its secondary screen located at the back of this device. There, you can see all of your notifications, access some frequently used apps which can also be personalized.


The retail price of this rugged-looking-but-tough-as-nails smartphone is around $389-607, depending on what variant you choose. This smartphone is packed with a thermal imaging camera that basically lets the user see the invisible world of infrared.

With this smartphone, you can check windows and doors for drafts, check for vermin infestation, car maintenance, and much more. The applications for this feature are countless.

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