Final Fantasy VII Remake Update: 2017 Release Date Impossible?

Final Fantasy VII remake was first announced around 2015 and was expected to be released this year but the game's development team confirmed that its expected launch won't happen this year.

The creative minds behind the game Final Fantasy VII Remake's creation stated that there will be an announcement with regards to the game's release date but that won't surely happen this year instead they will make up it to the FFVII's fans by giving some "surprises" at the store.

Tetsuya Nomura, the genius behind the game's creation said that there are some annual events that will happen this year like the E3 in June, Tokyo Convention in September, and Jump Festa in December.  There are also preparations for the Kingdom Hearts concert. Tetsuya mentioned that he is currently managing things like the season two of the "Kingdom Hearts Unchained" and "Dissidia Final Fantasy," meaning to say that this year will be an absolute handful of work for him

Also, Tetsuya said, "I didn't give much information on Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy VII Remake last year, but I hope I can show you our progress if any events align this year."

He apologized that there might still be some time needed before he can release the game, but there are many other titles that will be released this year, and that he would be pleased if the fans twill be eager to wait for their "surprise."

Final Fantasy VII Remake's  surprise could happen earlier in time after the game's director confirmed that he plans to attend the Major International Conference.

To sum it all up "Kingdom Hearts 3" might be the main reason why the most awaited "Final Fantasy" game will be delayed and won't be released this year. Tetsuya Nomura informed Famitsu that there are some several physical factors that made the development difficult. 

Tetsuya Nomura again apologized and promised that the delay would ensure the "Kingdom Hearts 3" and the "Final Fantasy VII" will be worth the wait.

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