The Skinnier, The Better? 1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz Said Miss Canada Should Lose 8 Lbs

Up Close: Miss Universe Canada Siera Bearchell
65th Miss Universe Pre-Arrival Favorite Candidate - MISS CANADA, SIERA BEARCHELL
Photo : Miss Universe / Youtube

Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz involved Miss Canada Siera Bearchell in her Miss U top 5 list. But, Diaz also told local Philippine channel ABS-CBN, "If Canada could lose another 8 pounds, I love her face. Am I, right? She's good-looking." 

Yet, Miss Canada remained positive about her self-image. In other interviews, she said, "This race is more than what we look like. It's about being calm with who we are, it's about sharing your message that is important to us."

She may name Miss Universe Canada Siera Bearchell as one who will get to top list, but only if she could lose eight pounds. "If Miss Canada could lose eight pounds, I love her face. Am I, right? She's beautiful," Diaz said. She get it back later and said that losing five pounds would be fine.

Miss Universe 2017: Miss Canada Made It To Top 9

From 86 lovely candidates, the choice went down to 13 lovely faces, following the preliminary contest and people's online voting. Besides, this was a significant eccentricity from the traditional top 12 picks. From top 13, it goes down to 9:

  •  Mary Esther Were, Kenya
  •  Deshauna Barber, USA
  •  Kristal Silva, Mexico
  •  Andrea Tovar, Colombia
  •  Maxine Medina, Philippine
  •  Siera Bearchell, Canada
  •  Iris Mittenaere, France
  •  Raquel Pellisier, Haiti
  •  Chalita Suansane, Thailand

Earlier in coronation day, pageant fanatics all over the world shared their top picks and bets on each countries candidate. In fact, it was difficult to choose among the 86 gorgeous and lovely beauties. However, it all boils down to personality, wit, and talent to make it to the top 3.

Miss Universe 2017: 2015 Winner Pia Wurtzbach's Style Tips

Miss Canada's speeches send a strong message about being contented in your own skin. There has been a strong voice of support for Miss Canada as she fends off negative criticism and racism. When it comes to body image, it's vital to feel good in your own skin and recognize that you are beautiful just as the way you are.

To help uplifting your style and appearance - no matter your size, color, and age - in the official site, Pia Wurtzbach shares some tips to look tremendously pretty. Let's admit, winning the crown has outlooks that one should always look fashionable and chic.

She also shares that having at least one slice of velvet piece cake. The fashion concept is staple that will never get you wrong. Also, don't be afraid to wear daring colors. It brings out your best beauty and confidence.

Moreover, wear jumpsuits. Pia admitted that jumpsuits can be great dress replacements. You can still look sexy and classy with the right jumpsuit. Finally, keep a pair of nice red shinny shoes. It's lady's trusted partner to make a bold fashion declaration.

These are simple tricks that you can learn, adopt, and enhance a long way. Helping any woman feel more comfortable and confident gets a respect also with their own selves. Remember, looking good doesn't mean spending a lot or to confirm your society's standards - you are awesome inside and out, at any shape or form, just as you are.

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