Pokémon Sun and Moon: Unobtainable Mega Stones To Be Gifted Via Online Competition; Fans Disappointed With Game Freak

Mega Stones were first introduced way back in Pokémon X and Y and since then, they had grown to a total of 47 unique pieces. With the introduction of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Mega Stones pretty much remained as is except for one, not all 47 pieces were available in the game. Yesterday, it was revealed that Game Freak will start introducing the unobtainable Mega Stones starting February but there's a catch. Instead of excitement, fans are quite disappointed with Game Freak by their idea on implementing Mega Stones in Gen VII.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Mega Stones

Serebii revealed that the first set of Pokémon that will receive their Mega Stones are Mawile and Beedrill. On their site, it was stated that more of these Mega Stones will be distributed upon participating on the future Battle Competition. The event will commence late February and will mark the beginning of the gifting of all unobtainable Mega Stones. Although the news is indeed a surprise gift for most fans, many were quick to point out that these rare events only encourage hacking on the game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Fans' Disappointment With Game Freak

Fans argue that with more and more people asking for the full unlock of Mega Stones in Gen VII, making all the items permanently available in the game should be imperative and shouldn't be just a rare one-time event. Moreover, many fans aren't fond of online battles and others could even miss the events - which would further lead to frustration and disappointment. If this is to happen, the scarcity of these events would eventually lead some fans to hack the Pokémon they cannot acquire through legitimate means.

Alternative Ways to Solve The Problem

These rare events can be frustrating especially if one misses the opportunity to partake on one of these and so, if Game Freak will still stick with their plans of introducing Mega Stones on Gen VII, they could somehow mitigate the problem by bringing back the item transfer feature on the Pokébank which was removed way back when Pokémon ORAS was introduced. It's interesting to see how the developers of the Pokémon franchise would address the situation and make the game healthier for everybody considering that it has an incredibly huge diverse community. 

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