Resident Evil 7 Guide: Everything There Is To Know About Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC

Recently, a downloadable DLC called Banned Footage Vol.1 has been released for Resident Evil 7 . Players are offered two extra gameplay modes, one involving survival and the other being survival, with puzzles. Here is the guide on how to play the Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC Vol. 1.

To start, players must have the Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC downloaded already. For players who have purchases the Resident Evil 7 in Playstation Network, the DLC should be accessible already. For those who have season pass holders, the DLC is now downloadable in Playstation Store for free.

After downloading, the DLC should now be accessible in the "Extra Content" portion of the menu. Apparently, this is the only way that the DLC can be accessed, as this is not available in the main game as Shack News noted. Players are given two options of extra contents, Banned Contents and Ethan Must Die.

Banned Footage

Choosing Banned Footage will give players an option to select between two scenarios or video tapes, the "Nightmare" and the "Bedroom". For "Nightmare", the main goal of the players is to survive while inside the basement of Baker's house. While "Bedroom" is mainly solving puzzles.

For "Nightmare," players should be able to find some scrap from compactors that they can use to buy weapons they need in battling Molded that may attack or for other surprises that they might face while in the basement. They can also choose to make traps that would help for survival.

"Bedroom" is actually a canon story that shows the successful escape of Clancy Davis after the Resident Evil 7 Twilight Demo. It features you-think-its-too-easy-but-its-hard puzzles that players need to solve in order to escape, in Clancy Davis' fashion.

Ethan Must Die

On the other hand, Ethan Must Die is an extra challenging gameplay that requires players to escape the Baker's House filled with enemies, traps and random items. That and an extra vulnerable Ethan with much lower health.

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