Is Volkswagen Developing A New Family Of Electric Vehicles?

Volkswagen aims to design a combination of its new I.D. electric vehicle lineup with 5G connectivity. The company is developing a new design uninformed pattern denunciation for the new generation for autonomous driving by 2025. It is offering a new era of purpose-built electric vehicles.

The company is planning to build two to three million all-electric cars in a year and reaching the goal of unveiling 30 new models by 2025. The first three models are slated for production in 2020. According to the VW head of design, Klaus Bischoff, the battery packs changes the fundamental shape of the vehicle, as per Modern Technology.

These purpose-built electric cars will have a Golf-like I.D. hatchback and will be based on the new MEB modular architecture. The company is aiming to develop a new family of battery-electric vehicles, which are taller and have short overhangs, longer wheelbases, shorter hoods, bigger passenger compartments and more ranked windshield, as noted on Hybrid Cars.

The new EVs are developed with internal combustions engines and will accommodate floor-mounted power cells. The correct proportions will have huge wheels and huge in diameter. The EVs are subjected to have an A-pillar, which can be moved forward. The windshield will be inclined at more level angel for excellent fluid dynamics.

The range is essential to gain the travel distance of drag coefficients and the cars' hood will meet the regulations and pedestrians impact guidelines. The overhang will be extremely short and the dashboard forward by 127 mm to offer an extra legroom.

VW designers are rolling for an "ultimate reduction," which offers a benefit transport stretch and eliminates console elements to enhance display and augmented-reality. It is confirmed that the new EVs have no grille, which is similar to the Beetle. The onboard sensors will have high-resolution cameras and LiDar sensors.

On the other hand, the 5G technology will handle big data and will enhance the user experience to transform the transportation system as a whole mobility solution. It will have a historic impact on the future of vehicles and other navigation technologies.


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