#DeleteUber Prompts Company To Pledge $3 Million Defense Fund For Displaced Immigrants

Uber has been trying to make moves to counter the #DeleteUber movement after the company purportedly exploited a taxi protest. To add fuel to the fire, Uber CEO Travis, has been criticized for his participation in U.S. President Donald Trump's advisory panel. Trump's decision to impose a 90-day ban on immigrants from nine predominantly Muslim countries triggered a mass outcry from different factions of the society including big companies whose operations could be affected by this ban.

#DeleteUber Movement

After Trump enacted the immigration ban, Uber has been one of the companies that received a bulk of criticism in social media for its weak response to the newly inaugurated U.S. president's decision. The #DeleteUber movement became viral on Twitter and other social media channels since the company's CEO is considered to be supporting Trump's administration.

In response to this boycott, Uber's CEO maintained that the company's main focus will be in helping its drivers. This support includes providing a $3 million legal defense fund to help with immigration services and having immigration experts and lawyers on call 24/7 for affected Uber drivers who are planning to go back to the country.

90-Day Immigration Ban

On Friday, Jan. 27, Trump's immigration ban became effective and citizens from Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria were not allowed to enter the country. U.S. Citizens who are not natural born citizens will not be able to enter the country in the next 90 days and this is a major cause of concern. Immigrants from the aforementioned countries were detained following their arrival in U.S. airports.

Uber's CEO maintains that the company is looking for ways to extend help particularly to the employees of their company for lost earnings and to urge the government to reinstate the rights of U.S. citizens to enter the country freely irrespective of the country where they were originally born.

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