School Kids Also Have Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is usually associated with older people as the discs in the spine begin to erode. The lower back pain though has been found to happen even among school kids. School kids also have lower back pain.

Most cases of lower back pain, in general, can be benign, as shown by a study made by the Nationwide Children's Hospital Sports Medicine. While it can be benign in many cases, lower back pain can affect the performance of children in school. School attendance and sports performance can drop because of it.

It has also been shown by the study that lower back pain earlier in life could also lead to the same condition later in life. The reason for lower back pain in kids has been attributed more to overuse of trauma. Sports activities can be a factor in lower back pain. A lack of warm up can possibly lead to it.

James P. McDonald, M.D., MPH has said that physicians should have a good understanding of the structure of the lower back in kids and teens in order to better treat lower back pain among them. He further said that in most of the cases a specialist isn't needed, especially if the physician knows about lower back structure in kids and teens. Lower back pain in kids and teens can be remedied by rest and proper rehabilitation as well as knowing what conditions led to it, according to the Nationwide Children's Hospital's site.

Physicians are also encouraged to make a thorough examination of kids who have lower back pain in order to rule out any serious condition. Any sign of deformity could be seen as a serious condition to it, as Science Daily reports. Knowing about the medical history of the kid could give a better understanding on what is causing lower back pain.

The possibility that lower back pain for kids and teens is due to it still in the process of development. Trauma and muscle contractions would usually result in lower back pain for younger people. This could be more if kids are very active in sports.

Lower back pain can be possible for active kids. School kids could also have lower back pain. Some yoga routines can also help in relieving menstrual cramps.

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