Nintendo Super Mario Run Game From iOS Garnered $53M Revenue

Nintendo has been doing well in the past months as all its new products become popular in short periods of time. As of recent news, the Super Mario Run Game has seen quite a positive response from the people. Nintendo says that they have received $53 million in revenue for the said game. Take note that this game is still exclusive for iOS and it has just been launched last December.

Nintendo Super Mario Run Early Profits

So far things are looking good for Super Mario Run. A $53 million revenue is no joke considering how quick it was for the game to get such profit. Do note that Super Mario Run is free for iOS fans to download but after the free levels are already played, players will need to pay $9.99 for a full version.

Nevertheless, Nintendo isn't exactly as positive as fans may expect them to be. Apparently, Super Mario Run hasn't reached its full profit potential despite the obvious popularity the game has received. According to Phone Arena, Nintendo's CEO Tatsumi Kimishima isn't too satisfied with the game's performance as the executive was expecting a higher paying rate. Apparently, only five percent of the game's downloads have resulted in a purchase. The company was expecting a higher paying rate of 10 percent.

Nintendo Mobile Gaming Plans

The Super Mario Run game is expected to launch on Android next month. According to Tech Radar, the popular Nintendo mobile game will reach Android this March. This means that an even more increased revenue can be expected for the company. It was said that the same game pricing is expected on Android so Nintendo just needs to keep its fingers crossed that the said Android game will reach its full profit potential, unlike its iOS version.

As for the company's next game release, a mobile edition of the Fire Emblem is highly anticipated. It was said that Nintendo may be using the payment structure of Pokemon GO for this new mobile game. Just like most smartphone apps, the mobile version of Fire Emblem could be made available for free downloads and be offered with in-app purchases.

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