Final Fantasy XV Update: First DLC Episode Gladiolus Rolls Out In March

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A Final Fantasy XV update is again coming soon. This latest DLC patch is slated to roll out on March 28, 2017. Instead of focusing on Noctis, the main protagonist of the game, this latest update will focus on Gladiolus, his very protective and ever reliable bodyguard. This upcoming update will be interesting as to what Square Enix has in mind for this character.

The Latest Patch Will Focus On Gladiolus

The title of this first premium Final Fantasy XV update is "Episode Gladiolus." Its release date was announced by Square Enix at the presentation they held in Japan this week in the event where they celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the title. The game developer also revealed some of the details of the upcoming patch.

"Episode Gladiolus" of the Final Fantasy XV update will feature a brand new storyline that will be relayed from the perspective of Gladiolus. It will be a part of the downloadable content that Square Enix has planned for. There are other parts that are included in the plan of the game developer, such as the future episodes that will feature Ignis and Prompto.

The Patch Will Be Available In Two Versions

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy XV, you have two choices of acquiring these episodes. You can buy them separately or you can get the video game's season pass where you can access all of the three at the same time. However, Square Enix hasn't disclosed the information about their individual prices or of the season pass.

Aside from the "Gladiolus Episode," Square Enix will also release a free "booster pack" update on Feb. 21, 2017. This pack will be available in two versions. You can either get it for free or you can buy its paid season pass-exclusive version. There are some battle items in this booster pack that will enable you to take down your opponents more quickly.

You Will Take Up The Character Of Gladio In Final Fantasy XV Update

The upcoming Final Fantasy XV update will allow you to take the role of Gladiolus, Noctis' bodyguard. This is in accordance with what Square Enix has previously planned for of giving center stage to one of Noctis' comrades. In this patch, Gladio will be at the center of the fight. But it's not just Gladio who will be added to this upcoming episode.

Another character, Gilgamesh, will also appear in the "Episode Gladiolus" of the Final Fantasy XV update. This character was introduced in Final Fantasy V and has since been seen in the other series of the title. But this will be the first time that he will appear in FFXV. It will be exciting to see what his part will be in this game.

If you opted to buy the Premium Edition of the Final Fantasy XV update, or if you are a holder of the game's season pass, you will be given immediate access to "Episode Gladiolus." The same goes with all of the game's future episodes. In a related development, Square Enix has also announced that the remake of Final Fantay XII for PS4 will be released on July 11, 2017. It also teased about a FFVII remake with a piece of artwork.

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