‘Dragon Ball' Goku Hailed As 2020 Tokyo Olympics Ambassador; Manga Editor Updates On Spinoff Featuring Yamcha

Three years away from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and Japan is already preparing for it. One of the latest updates they have announced was making “Dragon Ball” character, Goku as the up and coming event’s ambassador. Meanwhile, the editor for the spinoff manga starring Yamcha has sat down with Buzzfeed Japan to talk about its developments.

Japan has just hailed Goku as the ambassador of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and it is no joke. Apparently, the said “Dragon Ball” character beat Pikachu and the rest of the “Pokemon” characters to the said position. Japan choosing Goku to be the official envoy of the Olympic Games is one way of conveying their goals for the said event. It has been reported that he will be appearing with Monkey D. Luffy from “One Piece”, Mario from “Super Mario Bros.”, and the characters from “Sailor Moon” and “Naruto”.

Japan is keen on bringing more people together as well as attracting the younger generation for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, hence making “Dragon Ball” Goku its ambassador for the world event. Goku has been around since 1984 as the main character of the “Dragon Ball” franchise and is undeniably famous. With that said, Goku is the best choice to represent the culture of Japan, which the state also wants to uphold during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Meanwhile, an update was revealed by the editor handling the manga spinoff starring “Dragon Ball” character, Yamcha. The manga, which has been titled “Dragon Ball Side-Story: The Case of Being Reincarnated as Yamcha”, has been hugely popular despite having to go through some delays publishing it. But with Akira Toriyama giving insights, the unnamed editor said it was a breeze getting the manga approved.

The editor said that he approaches Toriyama to look onto the storyboards and the latter makes improvements if it’s necessary. Toriyama approved of the completed manuscript and was glad that it was a funny story, making its readers get into the story easily. The editor revealed that Toriyama suggested that main character should also die in a funny way.

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