‘Koruko’s Basketball' Anime Movie Reveals Collaboration With NBA

The popular sports anime, “Koruko’s Basketball” has just revealed its collaboration plan with the National Basketball Association (NBA). The joint project was announced just on Feb. 1, featuring one of the main characters garbed in one of the NBA teams’ jersey uniforms. The said collaboration is in works for the upcoming film adaptation of the said anime series.

The film adaptation titled “Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game” has set on a joint project with the big leagues, which is the NBA. The collaboration project will be featuring eight NBA teams, which the manga creator himself, Tadatoshi Fujimaki, picked out. The first NBA team revealed is Chicago Bulls wherein main character Taiga Kagami is featured wearing the said team’s red jersey uniform as he dons the jersey number 010.

Tadatoshi Fujimaki will be revealing daily the illustrations of characters from the series featuring jersey uniforms from the chosen eight NBA teams. The joint effort is to promote the film adaptation of the “Kuroko’s Basketball” anime series, which is set to release on March 18 this year in Japan. Items from the said collaboration will also be put on sale in selected stores in Tokyo. “Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game” was announced back in March 2016 and the makers revealed that it will be a sequel wherein the story of the said upcoming anime movie is set after the events that took place in the original manga series.

“Kuroko’s Basketball” originally started its run as a manga novel in December 2008 and ended after 30 volumes were published in September 2014. The said series became so popular, selling over 27 million copies in Japan alone back in 2014 that it has spawned more manga novels and anime television series. One of the manga novels created was the sequel, “Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game”, which the film adaptation is based on. The said manga sequel published two volumes from December 2014 until March 2016.

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