George R.R. Martin Working On New 'Game Of Thrones' Short Story, 'The Sons Of The Dragon'

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Fans are in for a treat as George R.R. Martin has just revealed that he is working on a new short story. The said short story still takes place within the realm of the “Games of Thrones” series. Martin has announced that the said story will be titled, “The Sons of the Dragon”.

George R.R. Martin revealed already that he was working on a short story related to the “Game of Thrones” story but just yesterday, he talked about it and divulged more details on his official LiveJournal blog account with a post titled, “A Bit More (Fake) History)”. He explained that based simply on the title, “The Sons of the Dragon”, this short story will delve into the history of Westeros. And he has warned fans that there will be a lot telling in this story, which is outright the opposite of what he does in his novels.

He pointed out though that this short story was not intended to be part of an upcoming collection, “The Book of Swords”. He tells fans that “The Sons of the Dragon” is actually a piece he has been working on, which was taken out of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and is a story part of the “The World of Ice & Fire”. He also further divulged that “The Sons of the Dragon” is a history based on the politics of Westeros as well, which will put light on the events unfolded in the present story of “Game of Thrones”.

He says that anyone who is engrossed especially in the politics of Westeros will take great interest in “The Sons of the Dragon”. The characters involved in the said short story are the Targaryens. Martin stated that “The Sons of the Dragon” will be a chronicle showcasing the eras when the second and third Targaryen kings reigned, namely Aenys I and Maegor the Cruel. Of course, pretty much the relatives, friends, and foes of the two Targaryen kings will be part of the story.

Martin headed on to confess that though “The Sons of the Dragon” will be part of the “The Book of Swords” anthology, he did not have any hand at the said collection but was worked on instead by his good friend, Gardner Dozois. He revealed that he and Dozois worked on anthologies before but Martin had to step back from writing anthologies to focus on his solo publications. With this, he revealed that he is actually planning to return to making anthologies once he is done with “The Winds of Winter”, signaling that the highly awaited chapter of the novel series is probably near its completion.

Martin has already announced that he is working on releasing “The Winds of Winter” by the end of this year but avid fans know not to expect that much and just simply wait. “The Winds of Winter” is the sixth installment in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series that was adapted into the television series, “Game of Thrones”. “The Book of Swords” anthology that consists of 16 stories from various authors including the short story from Martin, “The Sons of the Dragon” will be released on Oct. 10 this year.

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