Toothache Scare! 26-Year-Old Dad Died Due To Tooth Infection

Vadim Kondratyuk Anatoliyevich is a 26-year-old father of two from California. On Tuesday, while driving a truck route from Truckee to New York, he began to feel pain in the lower left side of his mouth. He pulled over in Oklahoma to see a dentist, and he was diagnosed with an infection and prescribed antibiotics.

Vadim's Brother Had to Meet Him Because He Was Too Weak To Drive

Fox News said that the medication helped a little, but his face began to swell. His brother even had to meet him in New York because he was too weak to drive back. On the way, his breathing became labored, and he grew pale, so his brother rushed him to the hospital.

Doctors had put Kondratyuk on dialysis and prescribed strong antibiotics, but the tooth infection has spread to his blood and lungs, The Sacramento Bee reported. He died Monday Morning. Nataliya, his wife, said that they prayed he was going to survive, but it was just not healing like it's supposed to, and it got even worse. She was able to get to the hospital to say goodbye before he passed away.

In Rare Cases, Tooth Infection Can Spread To The Bloodstream And Damage Multiple Organs

Tooth infections normally occur when food gets trapped between the tooth and the gum. Dr. John Luther, chief dental officer for Western Dental said that if untreated, the infection may cause painful inflammation at the root of the tooth and then spread to the head and neck. But in rare cases, the infection spreads to the bloodstream, which can cause multiple organ damages resulting to death.

Natalia said that she and her kids (2-year-old Vanessa and 11-month-old Maya) were just waiting for Kondratyuk to come home, but now, she is trying to find the meaning in what happened to her husband. "I know he's in heaven. He's a happy person right now. He's gonna be my angel for the rest of my life and he's gonna help me through this whole time without a dad and without a husband," Nataliya said.

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