First Findings On NASA's Twin Study On Space Released; Surprises Scientists

It has been informed to the public that NASA has conducted a study on twins and the effects of someone in space as compared to someone staying here on Earth. Thus, the preliminary research results have already been released last week.

Preliminary Results On Effect Of Zero-Gravity To Human Body Conducted On Twins Released By NASA

This study has been deemed by the researchers to be a study on "nature versus nurture", using twins who practically have the same biological attributes. One is a retired NASA astronaut while the other is a ground-based control subject. Samples were taken from each twin before, during and after one of them being deployed on the International Space Station wherein he lived in for a year. Thus, the results of this study will show the difference it contains and how living in space affects the bodily structures as opposed to one with exact same DNA staying here on Earth.
Researchers have reported that there is a huge difference in blood circulation, eyesight, and also a change in their muscle and bone mass. That is brought about by spending time in an environment with zero gravity, which was being experienced by one of the twins, Scott. It was discovered that upon his return to Earth after spending 340 days on the International Space Station, the protective caps on the ends of his chromosomes was unexpectedly longer compared to his twin brother Mark, who stayed on the ground for observation.

Changes In DNA Discovered And Will Be Further Studied Over Time

The DNA methylation of Scott decreased during his time in space while Mark's increased while staying on Earth. Even though these changes have slowly been returning to normal for when before one of them was deployed to space, they are still taking careful consideration in the change of DNA that has appeared. The data gathered are still so fresh that they are still doing further study on it before getting into conclusions and more. NASA is still very keen on learning more on the effects of zero-gravity to a human body in an attempt to have someone be deployed on a journey to Mars.

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