Facebook's New 'Recommendations' Feature Helps Users Get Advice

Facebook recently introduced a new Recommendations feature, which is an easier way to get suggestions from people in the user friend list. According to Facebook, the Recommendations feature will be able to assist its users when navigating new areas and discovering businesses.

To get recommendations, Facebook users just need to simply make a status update. The social media platform will then evaluate the words used in order to activate the feature. The tool will then allow Facebook friends to give the original poster a piece of their mind.

For example, if a user updates with a post that says "I'm looking for restaurants in San Francisco" or "Where can I find night clubs in New York City?," the new feature will then be instantly prompted and friends can provide their suggestions. An easy to navigate map and list will then pop up for instant reviewing.

The tool was already available to Facebook accounts in the United States. However, the ability to write recommendation posts have just arrived in the United Kingdom. The Recommendations feature is the social media giant's attempt to improve how users can get information. The problem with modern gadgets is that they can familiarize user habits and preferences without utilizing the knowledge in critical ways.

"There's a concert in town from a band you love and you don't know about it," said Facebook ad and platform VP, Andrew Bosworth. "It's well within the capabilities of this device and what it knows about you."

Facebook continues to implement changes in the way the platform works. It previously rolled out a feature, which users have noted to be native from Snapchat. It is the Stories feature that puts up a user-generated photo and video montage that will only last for 24 hours. The feature is reported to be initially available in just Ireland but will soon see a world wide release.

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