Bungie Is Trying To Trademark 'DestinyCon'

Since its release in 2014, Destiny has been enjoying the tremendous amount of support it gets from the gaming community. What started out as a team based game, evolved into something better, as fans and gamers started to organize. The game was such a success that loyal players had started a convention to bring closer fellow gamers and content creators. The event was started by streamers King Gothalion, and Professor Broman in 2015, in which afterwards the gaming community named the event "DestinyCon". The success of "DestinyCon" continued to 2016 and was held at Tampa, Florida where the proceeds of the event went to charity. Immediately after the event, the name was changed to "GuardianCon".

Now that news of Bungie applying for the Trademark of "DestinyCon", the gaming community has some idea on what's in store. However, it is still too early to tell if what this is all about because Bungie hasn't released any official statement on this matter. According to Digital Trends, this move by Bungie may signify that the company would create an event to celebrate the success of Destiny with their loyal fan base.

As per DualSHOCKERS, King Gothalion and Professor Broman were not aware beforehand that Bungie was planning for this, and can only speculate that this is just a way to protect the company's intellectual property. Also, the two mentioned that regardless of the decision to trademark "DestinyCon", their own event of "GuardianCon" will still push through.

Through the years, a lot has changed in Destiny, although the game already boasts immense graphics, an amazing storyline, great gameplay, and different modes they still added 4 DLCs such as The Dark Below, The House of Wolves, The Taken King, and Rise of Iron which greatly improves the content of the original game. Destiny has won multiple awards such as the BAFTA Award for Best Game, and GamesRadar's 2014 Game of the Year. Due to the immense success of Destiny, a sequel is set to be released this 2017.

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