Fire Emblem Heroes Tips: Five Things to Know Before Playing the Game

Nintendo has ported over yet another one of their hit franchises on the mobile platform. Fire Emblem Heroes captures the essence of the mainline series while compacting it in a streamlined and user-friendly way. Here are some crucial tips in order to make the most out of the FE mobile experience.

Save Up Orbs Before Summoning Characters

For both new and old players, it is normal to feel tempted to summon new characters and build that specific dream team or gain powerful units. However, Nintendo Wire (press release) (blog) reports that players should save up at least 20 orbs before attempting to gain new characters as it is cheaper to summon continuously rather than by intervals. With this in mind, the player is getting 25 orbs worth of heroes by spending only 20.

Take Note of the Combat Changes in Fire Emblem Heroes

This tip is specifically designed for the seasoned FE players. While the mechanics are closely tied to the original game, it is worth noting that mages now have the same range as archers and knife/shuriken wielders. This means they can only attack when their opponent is one square away from them while they cannot counterattack sword or lance users.

Grind Characters in Other Modes

The main storyline is not the only place to grind new units as other modes like the arena and "special battle" will unlock shortly afterward. This is the perfect place to train freshly summoned characters and to also gain resources like crystals and shards. Players can then use these items to give more EXP bonuses to characters outside of battle.

Amp Up the Challenge

Some players might find the main plot quests a bit too easy for their tastes. Despite this, fans can easily repeat any completed chapter in order to try the Hard or even Lunatic version of the map. These modes will provide some ample challenge for those who want a more tricky experience.

Mind the Stamina Meter

Since this game is free-to-play, it will come with certain limitations that require paid services (like the orbs). According to Destructoid, the game has a stamina feature that will lock players from going on any further missions once they use up the meter. The game will automatically refresh the stamina once the player puts the game down so it's not worth spending orbs on it. Even so, it is best to take note of how many quests a player has already completed.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a great mobile entry for the series as it provides the core mechanics of the franchise without taking away too much. It also provides a unique entry for those who have been interested in trying out the series for some time now. Fans can download the game for free on Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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