Overwatch Update: Lead Writer Confirms More Lore Coming Soon

While the Overwatch universe usually gets several forms of media to explain the obscure plot, there has been extremely little details about the characters and the world as of late. However, the game's lead writer has recently confirmed that there will be more lore on the way.

The lore for the game is actually one of its main highlights despite the little information that Blizzard shares. To make up for this, most fans usually create their own artwork and share their thoughts regarding the characters and their backgrounds. However, the fanbase still years for more official sources like the animated CGIs and various comics the company usually releases.

Overwatch Lead Writer Teases More Content in the Future

Lately, some players have been criticizing that the 'lore' is dead as Blizzard has yet to reveal any explicit information over the past few months. In response to this, lead writer Michael Chu claimed that the team is hard at work crafting more stories for the game this year, as per PvP Line. Furthermore, he hopes to roll out these new tidbits of information in the near future.

In spite of the announcement, the company has yet to go into further detail about what they plan to release. Even so, the new lore might have something to do with the Russian soldier, Zarya, judging by how Sombra's animated short ended. This new cinematic or comic might go into detail about Zarya's past or her current mission in the game's universe.

On the other hand, the latest addition in terms of story was the Christmas comic wherein it blatantly mentioned Tracer's sexuality. Beforehand, players got to know more of Sombra through her major reveal at BlizzCon. In line with these various forms of storytelling, Blizzard also releases new information about the in-game world via new content.

Lore Found in Through New Content

Gameranx (blog) reports that the latest map, Oasis, is actually an advanced civilization in the heart of Iraq. Scientists supposedly banded together in order to form a new form of government called the Ministries. They then build the most sophisticated and technologically advanced city in the depths of the desert.

Players can easily draw the similarities of the said map to its modern day counterpart, Dubai. Overwatch often takes inspiration from the real world since the game's setting takes place in the future. Fans should look forward to more complex lore that Blizzard has to offer.

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