NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs Still Interested On Carmelo Anthony Despite Hinting Trade Turn Down

New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony has recently dropped hints on his intention to turn down trade deals. This follows his statement saying his family is a major factor that should affect his decision. Despite it, the latest trade rumors claim that the Cavaliers are still pressing on a deal with the Knicks to obtain Melo on the trade deadline.

The countdown to the NBA trade deadline on February is getting shorter, but the trade rumor mill continues to spin for Melo. He has been one of the prominent superstars being headlined on trade rumors since the current season started last year. As for the latest piece of sports news, The NY Knicks and the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly back in touch regarding a deal on Melo.

ESPN recently reported that the NY Knicks are finally sending Melo to the Cavs to pair with NBA's top players, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. The Knicks, in return, are asking for a high price of Kevin Love as their trade reward. It can be recalled that Melo and Knicks president, Phil Jackson, has been having comment wars as well as disagreements of court strategies as soon as the season started. Countless trade rumors have then surfaced, yet Melo has been insisting his desire to stay with his current team.

As the Knicks are currently in the slumping position at 11th spot with a 22-29 record, Jackson is reportedly planning to rebuild his team around Kristaps Porzingis and acquire Love to support his play. As per reports, the Cavs remain interested with Melo, however, they are reportedly against giving up Love. The team is then rejecting the deal once Jackson insists of his pursuit of Love.

The Cavs are safeguarding their post very well on the top of the Eastern Conference. However, they are way behind the record of the West's GSW which is currently the overall leading team of the NBA season 2016-2017. The Cavs already have their "big 3" through James, Love and Kyrie Irving, and bringing in Melo will make them equal to the Warriors' Curry-Durant-Thompson-Green-Iguodala team up.

Looking at the trade scenario, many believe that Jackson is using Melo as a bait to capture Love. The Cavs though are decided to enter the deal only when the Knicks surrender their intention of getting the Cavs superstar. Other teams reportedly in the trade talks with the Knicks for Melo include the LA Clippers and the Boston Celtics, which enthusiasts believe are appealing enough for the 32-year-old small forward to waive his no-trade clause on his contract.

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