'Star Wars: Episode 9': How Would Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia Be Seen In The Big Screen?

By Stephen Tapulao , Feb 03, 2017 04:30 AM EST

The world mourns when Hollywood actress Carrie Fisher was announced dead last December 27, 2016. Fans of the actress are quite shocked when reports revealed that the actress had a serious heart attack causing her life. With the actress finishing the 8th episode of "Star Wars", how will its 9th episode run through without Princess Leia?

'Star Wars: Episode 9' News Update: Will Princess Leia Be Part Of The Installment?

According to Movie News Guide, there has been a massive amount of questions being flashed online with regards to Fisher's death. Many admitted that they are curious as to how Princess Leia would appear on the ninth episode of "Star Wars".

Sources, in highest hopes that they would see Princess Leia again, gave out ways for Director Trevorrow to portray the character seamlessly.

News told that there could be a new storyline upon showing the upcoming installment of the series. This storyline might change and remove Fisher slowly. The creator might lay down new plot twist that would keep an eye on what's important in the series. Some also believed that Leia might not take an active part in proceedings as other characters would just mention her name.

On the other hand, reports suggested that "Star Wars" creators might be getting the unused footage and taped scripts of General Leia Organa. In that way, fans would not feel that there is lacking in the upcoming episode.

'Star Wars: Episode 9' To Use CGI In Order To See General Leia Organa On Screen

On the other hand, it is believed that the best remedy for Fisher's death is using CGI or the Computer Generated Imagery. This innovation was used in the movie "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" to cope up with the loss. The said advancement might also be used in the upcoming episode for Leia's appearance.

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