Nioh Beginner’s Guide: The Path To Becoming a Samurai

Nioh is a fast-paced brutal action-RPG, a game that demands players to understand its system to overcome challenges. Nioh is developed by Team Ninja, the makers of the Ninja Gaiden series. The studio recently announced that Nioh will have a multiplayer mode but not at launch. Here are some helpful tips that will allow the player become a master in the game.

As with most games, stamina is required to perform skills. In Nioh, stamina is called Ki and is indicated by a red gauge. Avoid reckless swinging of weapons as this will quickly drain the Ki and cause the character to be immobile and render one to be vulnerable to enemy attacks. If this happens, avoid enemy attacks by mashing the dodge button.

Observe the enemy’s Ki gauge. In Nioh, one can see the Ki gauge of the enemy. If the Ki is low, they will lack energy to attack or move. By hurting them in this state, it will cause the enemy to stagger. A staggered enemy is vulnerable to a final blow or you have a better chance at landing a powerful grapple.

The player can also inflict damage to an opponent’s Ki by using special skills which are acquired via the Learn Skills menu. Weapon type has a particular technique that can drain enemy Ki. An example of this is the kick skill of a sword weapon. By linking a kick at the end of a sword combo, one can inflict damage to an opponent’s Ki. Unlocking these skills are important so that the player can overcome tough opponents.

Understand Ki pulse and its use. Ki pulse is a combat maneuver that allows the player to restore some expended Ki. By pressing R1, Ki is regained when light gathers around the gamer after an attack. Time the Ki pulse so one can regain more Ki. Ki pulse is also used to purify Yokai Realm that enemies use to slow the Ki regeneration rate.

Optimizing weapons and armors, as the game progresses, the inventory will accumulate items. Take time to check the equipment to optimize damage and defense. It is also important to manage the equipment weight limit. Movement speed will be affected by the weight limit, the higher the percentage of weight, the more drain on Ki it takes to execute attacks or dodges.

Sell excess equipment to receive Amirita stones at the shrine. This could provide the gamer with resources one needs to level up. Prestige points, earn stat bonus by receiving titles called the Agyo and Ungyo. By earning titles, one will receive reputation points. By accumulating enough, one can earn prestige points which is used to gain stat bonus in the prestige summary screen as reported in an article by the Gamespot.

Another very useful tip is using stones. These stones that are dropped by enemies can be very useful when one encounters groups of enemies. By throwing the stones at an enemy from a distance, the player can separate that particular enemy from the group. The enemy will leave the group and run over. This way, the player can fight the enemy one-on-one instead of taking them head on as a group as reported by Prima Games.

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