Ubisoft Revealed For Honor's Season Pass And Post Launch Schedule Via Trailer

The medieval-inspired fighting game For Honor has been appearing in news headlines recently since the game has just finished another closed beta session that revealed numerous new characters like knight/assassin Peacemaker. Meanwhile, the release of this is just a couple of weeks away. That is why bits of information are already coming out one by one, including Ubisoft's plans on supporting the game even after its launch through the rumored season pass.

Just as expected, Ubisoft made a confirmation about a $40 season pass that will be introducing six additional heroes in a span of one year, and it will come out in batches of two in every start of a new season. The characters are allowed to unlock through the in-game currency within For Honor, but season pass owners can already gain access to those heroes seven days prior to its availability for the community. Every hero has an elite outfit, thus making them stand out more in the battlefield.

As per reports from Game Rant, aside from the new heroes, season pass owners can also have an additional content that includes three exclusive emblem outlines and three additional scavenger crates that they can use to unlock new gear for specific heroes. Another perk of season pass owners is that they can unlock Champion Status for 30 days. This boost guarantees an additional 25% XP earn rate for the player and at the same time giving an additional 10% for team mates. Additionally, players who have Champion status enabled can also gain bonus XP from crafting and another loot towards the end of the matches.

On the other hand, the planned post-launched schedule is obviously influenced by the Faction War Meta game in For Honor. This is where players can join along a faction then deploy war assets in order to either defend or attack regions on the in-game map, as an exchange for rewards after the end of every season.


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