Mafia III Story Expansion Launch Date Revealed

Hangar 13, the developer of Mafia III, has revealed the launch dates of the next three story expansions of the game. The first is called Faster, Baby! and will be centered around dramatic chases, fast cars and stunt driving. Set to be launched by the end of March, players will be tasked with taking down a corrupt Sherriff at the outskirts of New Bordeaux which is a new area.

The second DLC pack is called Stones Unturned. Lincoln, the protagonist of the man game, stars in the expansion. A CIA agent by the name of John Donovan will also be in the story expansion. The third DLC pack called the Sign of the Times will focus on drugs and religion in New Bordeaux’s inner city. Hangar 13 stated that the two latter add-ons release dates will be May and July 2017 respectively as published by Gamespot.

The main story of Mafia III takes place in 1968 after the game’s protagonist Lincoln Clay returned from the Vietnam War. Sal Marcano led the Italian Mob, betrayed the Black Mob killing Clay’s surrogate family and father. Clay will find himself in hairy situations, fighting hisr way to safety or positioning for an assassination.

Gun battles for the game involves shooting and hiding behind covers. Although at times it can get to feel repetitive, it is entertaining enough to keep you pushing forward in the game. It is also easy to get preoccupied in the open world. Intel sign and stealth tactics can also be used to finish a job which is cleaner, it is however inevitable to get into firefights as well.

The open world concept in Mafia III opens up more and more as the story unfolds. This will keep players focused on the story. As the map unfolds however, the player may feel conflicted between following the main story or taking the time to explore the open world. Playing Mafia III is definitely fun but the gamer may feel a little internal struggle as reported by Forbes.

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