Kingdom Hearts Reveal New Funko Pop Figures

Square Enix and Disney are partnering up with Funko Pop to release figures from role playing game franchise Kingdom Hearts. Square Enix has promised to release a fuller game trailer this year. But before the reveal, the game publisher has provided a little diversion to the long-time fans of the franchise.

Funko Pop is set to roll out eight new and different Pop Vinyl figures inspired by characters of Kingdom Hearts which include characters from the entire series. The company is set to release two variants of Donald, Goofy and Pete while Mickey, Chip & Dale figures are one of their kinds. According to Funko Pop, some of the figures are going to be exclusive for certain retailers.

This is the first time that Funko Pop is partnering with companies to release figures that are related to video game franchises. It was revealed by the toy company that also in line for production are figures designed after Mass Effect Andromeda characters by BioWare as well as Blizzard’s Overwatch and Destiny, an action-RPG by Bungie. Funko Pop has also partnered up with Bethesda to produce Fallout4 toys.

Kingdom fans are eager to learn more about the upcoming third entry in the long running role playing game franchise. Tai Yasue, the co-director for Kingdom Hearts H2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts 3, provided details that the game has made enhancements to story, combat and other features of the game. Other than the official details, not much is known as reported by GameRant.

Some of the figures will be retailer exclusives. Black and white Pete will only be available at Walmart, Kingdom Goofy will only be found at GameStop and Kingdom Donald at Hot Topic. Other figures will be released more broadly and the figures will be hitting the stores in April. Funko Pop will also release keychains featuring Donald, Goofy and Mickey. These keychains are set to be available in March as reported by Gamespot.

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