New Leaks Suggest Xiaomi Mi 5c Will Be Equipped With Snapragon 625 Processor

Xiaomi Mi 5c Exclusive Trailer Rendering ,Specifications based on Schematic Diagrams and Image Leaks
The Xiaomi Mi 5c represents the main reason why the Chinese smartphones are so extremely popular right now, since this is a mobile device that offers flagship´s specs and features at an affordable price. Photo : TECHCONFIGURATIONS/YouTube

The Xiaomi Mi 5c is one of those mobile devices which customers don´t know what to expect, given the fact that every single time this Chinese company put the "c" name on its smartphones it means that these handsets would be a cheaper version of the "s" model, which in this case it would be the MI 5s. In fact, this new mobile device has become one of the biggest mysteries in China, given the fact that there hasn't too much regarding its specs features, making everyone believes that the possibilities of the Mi 5c to see the light were really short.

The Xiaomi 5c Will Sport A Flagship´s Processor

Nevertheless, the Xiaomi mobile device´s 3C certification in China was just spotted, and what it shows is something that customers would definitely love. Apparently, the Mi 5c will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor with 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which represents something out of this world considering that this kind of chipsets are the one that many of the greatest flagships will use this year.

Naturally, this means that customers in China will be able to get a mobile device boosted with this kind of processor in a really cheap price, which would make some foreign brands to have a really hard time to make a hit in the Chinese market. Of course, this incredible move from Xiaomi with the Mi 5c is the clearest exemplification of the way in which the Chinese smartphones are becoming major players in the smartphone business since these products offer the greatest specs and features at the most affordable price.

The Xiaomi Mi 5c Will Have A Great Design And Could Sport An Outstanding Battery

What´s also incredible about the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5c is that this mobile device is that there some possibilities that it could wear a 3,200 Ah battery, which just as the Snapdragon 625 processor, it represents something outstanding for a handset that far from being a flagship, is just a cheaper version of the Mi 5s, which also had this battery. If you take a look to some of the new flagships that will compete in this year´s market, just a few has a better battery than this one.

Also, the Xiaomi 5c will sport a 12MP rear-facing camera, while the front-facing camera boasts 8MP, which is quite perfect for taking selfies, although we might have to wait which sensor the company uses in order to know who would be the quality of the images. Of course, this mobile device will be characterized for wearing a metal back as the Mi 5s, but without the brushed finish, which makes it so attractive that it wouldn't be a surprise to some customers believes that this is a Xiaomi´s flagship.

Although it remains unknown when the Xiaomi Mi 5c will be released, is expected to come before the Chinese company release the Mi 6, which is going to be its flagship in a year where Xiaomi must make an incredible effort in order to maintain its position in the Chinese market, given the fact that this brand won't take the global leap yet. Of course, this means that the Mi 5c might see the light at the Mobile World Congress this month.

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