Elon Musk Will Stay In Trump´s Advisory Council Despite The Muslim Ban

Donald Trump´s Muslim ban has been definitely his most controversial decision so far, to the point in which almost the whole tech world stood against it, turning his relationship with the major companies of this field in a dead point. Given this situation, everyone was expecting to know which could be Elon Musk´s position on this controversy, considering that he´s currently Trump´s advisory council. Believe it or not, he decided to stay despite the ban.

Elon Musk Will Keep With Trump For The Greater Good

What seems even more incredible about Elon Musk´s decision, is that this came after it was known that Uber´s chief executive Travis Kalanick quit the council as a response to Trump´s Muslim ban, which many people thought it was a move that Musk would also make. However, Tesla´s boss explained through his Twitter account that far from falling under the fierce public outrage and pressure to step down, he will actually continue working with the president for the greater good.

Musk Will Offer Suggestions To Change The Muslim Ban

Of course, Elon Musk also stated that he and others will definitely express their objections to the Muslim ban, and offer several suggestions in order that this controversial policy could change. Naturally, while there are many people who strongly criticize Musk for not resigning, there are others who believes that the real changes can be made from the inside. In fact, Tesla´s CEO recently explained that even when he´s working as Trump´s advisory council, he doesn't agree with many of his point of views on different subjects.

As reported in a previous article, several tech companies as Apple and Google will also send a message to the President in the coming days, offering solutions to solve the Muslim ban. In fact, there are others like Twitter who has made more aggressive moves, as donating more than $1 million dollars to the ACLU, one of the most powerful organizations that are fighting against the president.

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