Horizon Zero Dawn Updates: Video Explores How Guerrilla Games Came Up With Aloy

From Lara Croft to Elizabeth Comstock, games have always been chockfull of strong and capable women, and this February looks to add yet another icon to that list, and that's Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy. A new video has been leaked explain the process that it took to create Aloy, and what thought was put behind her character.

Horizon Zero Dawn Behind-The-Scenes

The video is gives a behind-the-scenes look at Guerilla Games, and it's aptly subtitled, "Creating a PlayStation Icon." As it turns out, the developers took a long process when it came to creating Aloy for Horizon Zero Dawn, and a lot of concept art is featured showcasing all of the different looks of the character before the developers settled on the red-headed hunter girl that is Aloy.

As it turns out, even Aloy's character is also unfamiliar with the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. Lead Quest designer David Ford says, "[Aloy is] emerging from the area that she's lived her whole life and going out to the big world along with you, so everything is just as new to her as it is to you. You feel a real resonance with the character that way."

More videos have actually been released for Horizon Zero Dawn, and they go in-depth as to the evolution of Guerrilla Games. The studio is probably best known for their work on the Killzone franchise, and Horizon Zero Dawn will be their fresh foray into RPGs.

Game Goes Gold

News has even come out that Horizon Zero Dawn has already gone gold. After rumors have been going around that the higher-ups at Sony were very pleased with the game, Guerrilla Games themselves had confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn is a completely finished game, and that it has gone gold.

The hype has been significantly built up for Horizon Zero Dawn, and a lot of PS4 players cannot wait till the game comes out on Feb. 28.

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