South Korea Orders Smartphone Manufacturers To Report Fire Incidents Right Away

On Feb. 6, the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy will declare a new standard controlling the response time of the smartphone manufacturer in case of product issues. The new safety regulations are presented in the wake of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion, which orders the manufacturer to report incident automatically.

The regulation will be implemented within a year. The industry experts and smartphone producers will have ministerial hearings. It was revealed that with the latest Galaxy Note 7 accident, the company took ten days to report the first case to the government.

The security controls will purportedly be accompanied by the results of a South Korean government investigation concerning the Galaxy Note 7 cases. It was led together with the state-run Korea Test Laboratory and it is expected that the finding will agree with those of Samsung's own investigation.

The new regulations will require phone makers to immediately conduct an investigation right after the submission of the explosion report. It should be automatically being investigated to point out the real cause of the explosion, which could be due to flawed parts or external force.

The safety standards of smartphones have additionally gone under investigation by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is working with Samsung and different companies to upgrade the intentional standards utilized as a part of lithium-ion battery production.

Samsung confirmed that the result of the investigation reveals a definitive cost for the Galaxy Note 7 battery recall, which is expected to surpass $5 billion. However, this did not prevent the company from seeing an increase in operating profits, as reported by CNN.

Samsung has officially reported its new quality assurance measures. It also announced an eight-stage battery safety check, which will ideally prevent similar accidents in the future. It is great to know that Korean regulators have decided to actualize extra security of smartphone safety regulations, which might eventually be followed in other countries around the world as well.


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