Walking Regularly May Protect Your Brain From Dementia

Researchers from Tufts University in Boston report that getting out of the chair and try walking regularly, a few times every week, lowers the risk of dementia. The researchers observe changes in the volume of gray matter in the brains of physically active people. The changes in the brain occur in those parts where people with dementia are usually affected.

Statistics show that one person in three over 85 people develops Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia. This condition can greatly affect the quality of life, altering the way people expereince life and relationships. The new finding is good news since it shows that even mild exercise if done regularly can effectively strengthen the memory retaining part of the brain, warding off any form of dementia.

“Physical activity has consistently shown to be beneficial to brain health,” Dr. Tammy Scott, a scientist at Tufts’ Neuroscience and Aging Laboratory, says. She adds that being active has consistently shown benefits to the brain. Scientific evidence have also been increasing on the impact of walking regularly on the development of dementia, The Observer reports.

Researchers publish their report in the journal Neurology highlighting the effects of regular physical activity on 876 people. The results show that those who engage in regular exercise, regardless of other health factors, had slowed their aging process of their brains by as much as 10 years. They scored high on the memory tests given to them in different years, indicating good brain condition throughout the years, the Times Colonist reports.

Further evidence can be found in another study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease which reports that burning up calories helps to protect grey matter in the brain. Studies show that an intense work out is not necessary to protect your brain. Walking regularly is enough to keep yourself healthy.

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