Hospital System: Patients Waiting For A Long Time Is Increasing

The hospital system in England seems to be increasing the number of patients that waits longer than they should. The key target time of 18 weeks is not being met for more than 350,000 patients. This resulted in a 163 percent increase in the space of four years. While the total of number in the waiting list is 3.7 million.

The Royal College of Surgeons, show that they have also seen a rise on the figures for Wales and Northern Ireland. The increase between November last year and the same month in 2012 was almost three quarters for Wales. A similar comparison for the month of September in Northern Ireland showed a 96% hike.

President Clare Marx said that it cannot be disregarded that some of these patients that are forced to wait for too long are very ill and anxious patients in need of immediate treatment. The hospital system is being affected by the serious financial needs the NHS is facing the recent months.

According to the ITV, waiting list figures for December will be published on Thursday. Health service managers warned the NHS had reached a tipping point last month. The NHS Confederation said that it was the time that the government accepted limited investment resulted in consequences.

According to the BBC, patients in need of routine care, such as knee and hip replacements are meant to be treated in 18 weeks under NHS rules. The government promises to do better in the future. Royal College of Surgeons president, Clare Marx said the situation is disappointing. Many lives are at stake.

The government aims to decrease the waiting list in the near future. The NHS is forced to raise more funds to mend the lack of patients’ needs. The hospital system and funding must be improved in no time for the sake of the patients who have waited more than long enough.

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