Clash Of Clans Guide: How To Max Out Village Quickly

If there's one game that has changed the course of history within the mobile game industry, it's no other than Supercell's Clash of Clans. It quickly gained popularity -- both on Android and iOS -- soon after its initial release. And yes, despite the rise of new titles, it remains to be on top. For anyone who has played the game, maxing the village is one hell of a challenge. But hey, it's where the fun begins. Apparently though, there's a quick way of doing so.

In Clash of Clans, leveling up the village is of huge importance. It allows players to acquire access to new features or items. It also gives them an edge in battles, particularly during Clan Wars. And, most importantly, it gives them a slight advantage over the others. Still, most fans fail to max their villages accordingly. Fortunately, there are tools that'll help them in such feat.

For instance, as noted by Android Hacks, a popular Clash of Clans app called Calc of Clans is one way to beat the odds. While it doesn't entirely max the village in an instant, it'll help players better understand their strategy. It'll help them get a ballpark idea of how long it'll take for their bases to reach its peak. Heck, it even gives them a look-see at how much resources they've utilized over the course of their gameplay. This titular app has been created by Matty De Bie.

But of course, since the topic here is all about maxing the Clash of Clans village, it's hard not to include the gems. In its most organic form, this is the heart of the game. It's where the magic begins. Not only does it gives players easy access to new troops, it also allows them to do upgrades in a much faster way.

This is exactly where the Clash of Clans app called Clash Gem Calculator comes in. It helps players understand just how many gems they'll be needing in order to speed up processes and/or upgrades. Moreover, the aforementioned application can be utilized for both gold and elixir.

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