Samurai Jack Season 5 New Trailer And Release Date Revealed

Adult Swim just dropped another trailer for "Samurai Jack" Season 5 and fans can no longer wait to see it. Genndy Tartakovsky’s greatest creation will again return and this time, Samurai Jack looks badass.

‘Samurai Jack’ Season 4 And Its Success

"Samurai Jack" Season 4 ended on a high note. This is probably the main reason why the team from Adult Swim wasn’t reluctant in giving the green light on "Samurai Jack" Season 5. Everybody knows the plot of "Samurai Jack". It is a time-displaced samurai look to defeat the demon Aku. Season by season, it seems that the respected samurai is about to get Aku, but Aku being the demon himself manages to escape Samurai Jack. The show was also included as one of the top 100 greatest cartoons of all time.

‘Samurai Jack’ Season 5: Everything You Need To Know

As stated, Tartakovsky and his steam already started working on Season 5 of "Samurai Jack". The very first episode will be aired on March 11 this year. The first trailer showed Samurai Jack standing in the rain. The cool thing about it is, while he was standing with his sword in hand, he looks menacing as he is somehow staring at a possible enemy.

The new trailer didn’t provide a lot of information on what will happen in the new series. However, it showed a glimpse of how Samurai Jack looks like. In a recent thread on Reddit, they describe him as a badass. Samurai Jack was seen riding a motorbike with a rugged beard.

Also, in an interview last year, the creator and director of the series shared his thoughts about "Samurai Jack". Tartakovksy mentioned the exhaustion that they felt for the past 12 years and how everybody moved on already in their life. But, Tartakovsky also knows that he and his team needs to end the show on a level where fans can understand if Samurai Jack will finally return to the past and defeats Aku.

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