Resident Evil 7 Nightmare DLC Tips: How To Survive Massive Enemy Waves And Bosses

Resident Evil 7 Nightmare DLC will test player's survival skills to the limit. Here are some tips on how to stay alive.

Stay In The Corridors

The best place for players to defend themselves is in the corridors near the Incinerator Room, according to Eurogamer. Ethan will wake up in the first Compactor. He should then head south towards the second one. It's located before the stairs leading to the Snake Door. From now on, this is the only area where Ethan can collect scraps and fight enemies in between the two locations.

Players who have collected at least 1,500 scraps can acquire a corrosive to unlock a third compactor. It's located in the Workshop room behind a locked door left of the Incinerator Room.

The Knife Is A Best Friend

Ammo is extremely limited and expensive during the start of the mode. This is the reason why players will be heavily reliant with the knife. It's relatively weak but players can upgrade it twice to sharpen its edge. It can take down Molded with a few swipes at its head.

Circular Saw Is Better

The circular saw though will make quick work of the Molded. Players though can only get this weapon if they have accumulated 300,000 points in the game. It's also a costly weapon that requires 3,000 scraps. It will also negatively affect Ethan's chances of unlocking other useful items in the Nightmare DLC.

Dealing With The Bosses

Later on, players can collect enough ammo for the shotgun, machine gun and grenade launcher. These powerful weapons are quite useful against enemy waves and bosses. Just make sure to put some distance when using them especially with the launcher.

Traps are also useful but reserved for bosses like the Fat Molded and Jack. Traps such as the tripmines are very effective but are expensive and available in limited quantities. Players who would like to know some crafting recipes in the game can read this guide. A video walkthrough on Resident Evil 7 Nightmare DLC is also available here.

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