‘Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3 Update: 'Buffy' Star Emma Caulfield Joins The Cast

Updates for “Fear of the Walking Dead” Season 3 has just been announced and it seems like a familiar actress will be joining the cast. It has just been reported that Emma Caulfield will be joining the show in the third season. Anyone who knows Caulfield will remember her for her haunting role in the classic “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” series.

Emma Caulfield portrayed the role of Anya Jenkins in the “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” television series by Joss Whedon. She debuted that said character appearing as a guest star in its third and fourth seasons but came back as a mainstay from the fifth to the seventh seasons. Her character was actually a vengeance demon called Anyanka who went around wreaking havoc as she helped women wronged by men by granting their wishes.

Caulfield has already proven her acting skills with numerous productions that she has been part of and joining “Fear The Walking Dead” will surely open more doors for her. According to reports, though AMC has already confirmed that Caulfield will be joining the cast in “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 3, the said network has not revealed the extent of the actress’s participation in the series. But some have guessed, TV Line in particular, that Caulfield will be portraying the role of the villainess that will supposedly affect Nick and Luciana as discussed thoroughly online.

“Fear The Walking Dead” is a new series that premiered on AMC in August 2015 but it is actually a prequel to the highly acclaimed zombie television series, “The Walking Dead”. “Fear the Walking Dead” has already aired two seasons with a total of 21 episodes and has already even gained awards. The upcoming AMC show has been renewed for a third season, which is reportedly set to premiere later this year. The production for “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 3 has already started just last month in Baja, Mexico.

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