Galaxy S8 Prediction Suggests More Sales For The Plus Variant

The Samsung Galaxy S8 launch is drawing near and it's pretty much the most talked-about smartphone in the past weeks. This new Samsung flagship is quite popular for a few reasons. For one, it is the first flagship phone to follow the controversial Note 7. Second, and probably the most exciting reason, the Galaxy S8 will supposedly bring in quite a number of special changes to the series. It was said that the company will be ditching the flat model and just release two curved variants this year. Rumors say that the two phones will instead have different sizes to set them apart.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Sales Predictions

As per a recent report from SamMobile, Samsung will be producing the Galaxy S8 in favor of the S8 Plus. Meaning, the company could be producing more S8 Plus models than regular S8 devices. This is because the company allegedly believes that there will be more people opting for the S8 Plus than the regular Galaxy S8. Apparently, when the S6 and S6 Edge were released, the company did some miscalculation as they thought that the regular S6 variant will be far more favored than the S6 Edge considering the price difference. Apparently, the company was wrong. People wanted the more premium variant more than the regular variant and this resulted to Samsung not being able to meet the demands for the Edge smartphone.

With that said, when the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were produced, the company made sure to manufacture more S7 Edge devices than the regular S7. Reports said that about 70 percent of the sales were accounted for the edge variant. Needless to say, Samsung has pretty much learned enough to know that the Galaxy S8 Plus could outnumber the Galaxy S8 when it comes to demand. Although the two phones no longer differ in shapes, for good reasons, Samsung is still placing its bets on the bigger and more premium variant.

Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus Release Date

For people awaiting the launch of the new Samsung phones, the wait is almost over. According to recent reports, the Galaxy S8 phones will be revealed March of 2017 and they will be released April. It's worth noting though that Samsung may be showing these two off by means of a teaser in the company's MWC 2017 conference.

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