LG G6 News And Updates: Flagship To Offer Both Matte And Glossy Finish?

The highly anticipated LG G6 has been everywhere lately. Pictures of the LG flagship phone for 2017 has been leaking non-stop, and according to some reports, these leaks will probably continue as the Mobile World Congress trade show comes.

The Glossy Finish Leak

Just a few days ago, a supposed-to-be image of the LG G6 has been leaked. On the picture, it showed the flagship phone sporting a glossy finish and many people were excited to know what the said smartphone could possibly look like.

The Next And Latest Leak: A Matte Finish

Just recently, new images of the LG G6 have emerged. This time it featured the phone with a matte finish. On the four images, the LG flagship phone depicted dual cameras and a back fingerprint sensor, two features that were seen on the previous leaks, which also goes in line to the report that LG is ditching its G5 modular phone concept for its next flagship phone. Aside from the dual cameras and the back fingerprint sensor, the device also sports a USB-C port and a headphone jack.

So What Will It Have, Glossy Or Matte Finish?

If the latest leak is to be followed and taken as the final design, it is possible that the LG G6 will have a matte finish. However, if the previous leak is also to be considered, then it can be assumed that the LG G6 could be offered in two designs: a matte finish and a glossy finish or possibly a combination of both, if that is possible.

But of course, without any confirmation from LG, it is hard to tell what will it really be and also if the "leaked photos" of the LG G6 are even legit, to begin with. As of now, tech enthusiasts can either follow the leaks but have some reservations or wait until the LG G6 is unveiled at the Mobile World Congress event.

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