'Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare' News: Latest Update Brings Major Changes For PS4 And Xbox One

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare keeps getting better and better. Infinity Ward introduced a new update that will improve zombies for Xbox One and PS4. Also, the players should watch out for bug fixes and other exciting features.

What Will The Zombie Update Bring In Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare?

Before next month ends, the players should expect another Undead chapter for the Zombie update in the game. According to Express, the upcoming chapter will be exclusive for PS4 users thanks to the 30-day exclusivity deal with Activision.

For Xbox One users, the Zombies in the Spaceland will have massive changes. The improvements will also be available for PC. This is the only chapter available for the two consoles. Also, some bug fixes will be available in COD: Infinite Warfare.

The players will not see the Rank progression widget in the menu. Next, whenever the players upgrade their weapons using PAP power-up drop, Rave camos will appear. They can now select Hasselholf in COD: Infinite Warfare.

Other Bug Fixes And Tweaks In Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

As per PlayStation Lifestyle, the featured content in COD: Infinite Warfare will be introducing new modes. On Feb. 3 until Feb. 10, Demolition Game mode will be added. Next, players can access Double Key Weekend from Feb. 3 up to Feb. 6.

Hardcore Sabotage Moshpit in DLC tab and Sabotage TDM will be added. Lastly, Sabotage Moshpit playlist will still be available in DLC tab. Also, there are changes applied in COD: Infinite Warfare. The phase shift cooldown will be 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds.

Next, Gravity Vortex cooldown will be at 290 seconds. Pulsar marked time is now at five seconds that was previously set at six seconds. Even the weapons in the game has been tweaked in order to be more efficient and balanced.

Hopefully, players will enjoy what the latest update of COD: Infinite Warfare will bring in the game. Infinite Ward wants nothing but the best for the players that is why it wants to make the gameplay more exciting and flawless.

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