Hideo Kojima Already Has A Release Date For 'Death Stranding', But He's Not Telling

Death Stranding will be Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima's first independent game outside of Konami, and a lot of his fans are eager for the release of the game. News has it that Kojima already has a release date in mind, but as of now, he's still chosen not to disclose it.

Kojima Sets Release Date

According to Game Rant, Kojima revealed that he already had an ideal release date at the RTX Sydney 2017 event. Kojima says that he often takes time when developing his games since he works toward a date that he himself sets, as compared to a release date that was decided upon by a company.

What To Expect

Even if Kojima didn't reveal when the release date was going to be, he did talk about all the other things that players can expect from Death Stranding. He confirms that the game will be have an open-world, and though he has been open about the idea, Death Stranding won't be a VR-capable title - expect VR to come to the game in some form after the launch.

Kojima also talks about the game engine used for Death Stranding, and his team is doing tweaks to the Decima Engine that came from Guerrilla Games. Decima is the same engine used for Horizon Zero Dawn, another highly anticipated PS4 exclusive that will be coming out by the end of the month.

Kojima And Sony

Since Death Stranding is a PS4 exclusive, some fans wondered why Kojima ultimately decided to stay with Sony. As it turns out, Kojima had been approached by several other companies, but Sony was the one he was more familiar with, and the company is also said to have given Kojima 100 percent creative freedom when it comes to this game.

Though no release date has been confirmed yet, Kojima assures fans that Death Stranding will be released for the PS4 and fans don't have to wait until the release of the PS5 to get the game - if there was a PS5, that is. Hopefully Death Stranding makes its way to shelves sometime in 2018.

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