Google Maps Makes Navigations To Commuters Easier

Over the past few weeks, Google has added an in-app Uber booking and parking availability to its Maps App, but even after all the updates, it still isn't done with the improvements. In another new update rolling out today, the app will be receiving some better navigation; not in how people drive but in how people get around the app.

Another Update For Google Maps

According to GreenBot, a new blog post has given details on the change, which will only affect the Android version of Maps. The update will add a new menu bar to the bottom of the home screen that will bring easy access to three common features: driving, places, and transit.

Google's Official Statement

Designed to lower down on the number of taps that you'll need to make to get directions and locate restaurants, the update focuses on delivering real time at a glance, according to a recent Google blog post:

"When you're on the go, there's no time for apps to keep up. Whether you need to get to work or you're just looking for a quick bite around your area, Google Maps gives you some much-needed personalized information about your world, so you can make decisions and get around with confidence."

New Changes To The App

Under the new places tab, users will find lists of nearby restaurants and bars around you, as well as a useful search bar that enables users to find ATMs, gas stations, pharmacies and grocery stores. In addition, tapping the car icon will let the user quickly get an estimated time of arrival for going home, to work, or any destination, as well as traffic conditions and any possible delays up ahead.

Finally, the subway icon will give you the best bus or train to catch for your commute, or you check out schedules for stations and stops near you. According to AndroidHeadlines, Google hasn't added any new features, but by streamlining the interface a bit, it will help us get where we're going much faster than before.

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